Why is The “N” word taboo when women are still referred to as Bitches and Whores?

I am appalled by Paula Dean losing her job over her use of the the N word. Not because I condone it, not because I am a fan of hers, this is not even about free speech, although free speech may be a good argument for not firing a woman who said something disagreeable off the air. The reason this Paula Dean and Nigger controversy is so disgusting is because at the same time that she is being pursued for using a racial slur, people of all races make millions in the hip hop and movie industry calling women bitches, whores, referring to them as pussy and pieces of ass. These people are not condemned for these words, they make millions teaching these ideals to a younger generation. In this country woman were not given the right to vote until after black men. Today it can easily be argued and proven that women of all races are held back, prosecuted, molested, and discriminated against as much as, or even more than black people. So why the double standard? Why is yet another woman being punished for the same behavior that makes a man rich? I makes me think of the expression, “If a man sleeps around he is a ladies man, if a woman does it she is a whore”- “If a man raps about bitches and pussy he makes his career and is idolized by millions, If a woman uses a slur term and it comes out she loses her career and has to make a public apology to millions.” Being called a bitch, a whore, or nigger makes a person feel like less than human. Trust me I know this, I also know that when I was called a whore at 11 years old the male teacher did nothing. That same month a student got suspended for calling another a nigger. Women still do not matter, is the message being sent to girls everywhere when these things happen. Paula Dean should not lose her job unless every man who has ever made a dime by publicly dehumanizing women is prosecuted equally as she was for something said in private.

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