First Book Review

Okay. So I was a bit hesitant to do a book review because who am I do judge another writer? Well I will tell you, I am the READER. I am not comparing my writing to the reviews, I am writing about my thoughts as I read someone elses work, just an honest opinion. Stephen King's "Under The Dome" was the last book that I picked up so I figured it is the freshest in my mind. Let me tell you about me and Mr. King; when I was 12 I read The Stand... and fell in love. He was edgy and smart, he wrote real people, and ugly honest portrayals. This is how I felt then. So I read Carrie, The Night Shift, Salem's Lot, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordan, Desperation, The Green Mile, and many others.The Dark Tower Series was given to me as a gift from the man who would become my husband. I thought I was hooked for a long life of loving and reading his work. However by the time I got about half way through the Dark Tower Series I was overloaded. I could not read another word. I set the king a side for a while, not thinking this dip in my interest was serious. After all, all long term relationships have dips and valleys... right? I was given Heart's in Atlantis during a month long bed rest during pregnancy and despite being unable to move and bored silly I was still was unable to get into the book. I blamed my self. After all, I was worried about other things bed rest is emotionally exhausting... It's not you it's me... You know the stint when your trying to hold on to a dying love. So I set aside the king for years. When I saw Under The Dome, I had to try again. I mean it has been so many years and I was told that this book was different than his other works. The premise was cool so I eagerly settled in to a good read. Well I am sorry to say that my first review will be on a book that I could not even finish. But hey this is my blog so I make the rules. I discovered that I have truly lost that loving feeling and there is no getting it back. Maybe it is me considering the man still puts out booksellers and has a loyal fan base. I will make the actual review of Under The Dome short and sweet considering my preface was so long. Here goes: I found it to be too much like his other work. The characters could have been plucked each one from his other books. While I loved how he wrote characters when I was 12 I find them falling a bit flat and stereotypical of a "Stephen King Character". The premise rocked, I only wish some one else wrote it. **I need to add that I still have not finished reading the Dark Tower Series because they were my favorite books of all time... Epic. And I am afraid that the ending will fall short of the rest. I will one day but I am not ready to be let down yet. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree. I am just Lil old me posting my opinion on what I see. I would like to see yours.

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  1. I have to totally agree with you on that. I was a big fan for years, but your right, it is to the point that i can say "you've read one, you've read em all. very boring. i dont even look at his new ones anymore.