So I have been trying to come up something funny to write about. It is a lot easier said than done. Literally. I can't think of a single funny thing to write about to encourage readers to subscribe and want more of me. My husband says I am funny, but I pay him well to say nice things to me so I can't take his word. I have nothing funny myself, so I will share with you something that made me laugh so hard today from someone who does it for a living. Tommy Johnagin is a pretty funny guy and here is what he had to say about marriage; (I am paraphrasing)
"If a marriage is successful some one gets to watch the other one die. Eventually that is what happens in all successful marriages. If a marriage fails and ends in divorce you have to have sex with lots of different women...and that would really suck!"

 I don't now why in hindsight that joke made me laugh so much. I think because technically it is the truth, all great marriages end in death, there is so much more to a life time together than the end but the quote is funny to me anyway. So there it is, my blog has something funny... aside from my picture.

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