I have two sons who are in their formative years so maybe this is why I care so much that it seems that it is nothing for them to hear on TV, or even in life, the words: "Men Suck" or "I am so sick of men" or in a pg movie they recently watched; "Men are what's wrong with the world." Really? I think some people do suck, and some men drive their women crazy (mine included at times) but let's not give up on the sex all together. I hope today's boys, who will be men before we know it, can have pride in themselves. If they don't have an example of a Great Man in their own life I hope that they don't hear so many negative comments that they don't even bother to try to be dependable fathers and loving husbands. Let's boost up the good men out there and when we come across a bad apple let's try not to throw out the entire bunch.

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  1. I completely agree. Keep up the good thoughts!