Some people kill snakes just for being near them. I think if more people knew that out of the 44 different kinds of snakes in Florida, only 6 kinds are venomous and that some of the non venomous snakes actually eat the venomous kinds, they would be hesitant to kill on sight. Below is an example of a venomous snake and an innocent snake that would likely be killed on site for looking a bit like him. I will post more examples soon.
Check out those fangs as he yawns! These are example of a Cotton Mouth snake. Notice the hooded eyes?
Beautiful, but deadly.
I think this is a "Banded Water Snake".
I KNOW it is NOT a Cotton Mouth, nor is he venomous. It is terrible to think that this little guy will get his head chopped off if he comes near humans.
This guy seemed to like getting his picture taken, not aggressive at all despite the camera lens in his reach. Notice the rounded face and eyes?
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More photo examples coming soon!
Photographer: Jason Harris All rights reserved

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