Characters That Show Up At 12:00 a.m.

I have been in a writing slump for about a month now. Ever since I got that summer cold, my characters have not wanted to come out and play, and since none of them are germaphobes I don't really get why they have been avoiding me for so long... Well tonight they came back. At midnight. When I am all alone, and the house is very quiet, and it is very dark outside, and stormy... did I mention the storm? And that it's dark out side, very dark, and quite, too quiet, and stormy. Who should show up but Nick, now I love Nick. He is one of my favorite guys, he would be the tormented bad boy type that the girls can't help fall in love with-If he only could remember what it is that is tormenting him. Unfortunately for Nick he can't remember anything. He memory has been wiped clean, as it is every single year, and all he knows is when he follows his gut instinct he saves a lot of lives. Yep Nick is just the guy you want coming to your rescue even if he wont remember you for long. Well he shows up tonight and I get to writing his story... And now I don't think I will sleep for a month. I love to be scared as much as the next person but the next time he shows up and wants to go chasing a "dark shadow" through a Louisiana Bayou in the middle of the night, unarmed to boot, I may just bow out gracefully. And now I can't just leave him there... I have to get him out at one in the morning. I have to finish this part, face off with the shadow-man in the swamp and hopefully return him safely home before I can sleep. Wish me luck! I think I may die of fright before the night is over. I will kindly ask him the next time he shows up to please do so when the sun shines and I don't get pulled too far into his dark world.

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