"Nothings gonna change my world"....  

The kids all have a stomach bug, my husband is recovering from pleurisy and had to get four stitches in his chin today. They have all been home with me during spring break and now three days out of this school week and although I am extremely not  happy that they are in pain and sick, there is an undeniable sense of satisfaction going on right now for me. (wait, wait, put away the torches, let me finish) I am busy each day trying to distract them from their sickness, and up on and off through the nights with fevers, and this  week has made me realize how much they don't need me anymore. Although I look forward to this illness running it's course on out of my life, for the moment I will admit I am enjoying the extra snuggles, the extra time away from school, the excuse to baby them, cook their favorite foods, give them ice cream at five a.m., and just be the center of their universe again for just a moment.

So as I sit here after they are all asleep listening to Across The Universe I feel a deep sense of peace, like I did what I should of as a Mother today. Days ending like this are not as common as I would like, often I wonder if I yelled to much, did not yell enough? Gave them enough attention, too much? Today I feel like maybe this once I got it right. I can't wait for them to be well, I  hope one day soon when they are all  full of energy again I will put them all to bed and reflect on the day and feel the same sense of peace I feel now.

Some times it is easier to play nursemaid than mama though, because you know exactly what they need when they are not well but when they are healthy and  as a family you are running between school and the million other things that need doing each day you forget to take a moment really  be together.

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