I really wanted to spend the summer writing... But NO I had to take summer classes... In such a hurry to Graduate........... WHY???? So I can be qualified to write? I am not sure this is leading me there. In fact I am pretty sure that all of my college classes combined did not help my writing as much as when I just sat down each day and forced myself to write, then edit edit edit.  I am getting a little burned out and cynical about college all together.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Yeah, I know the feeling--if you're going for a practical degree, then keep on plugging. I did learn a lot from my MFA program, but I would be loathe to lose a summer, which is when I get the vast amount of my writing accomplished.

    You should try to find a workshop group; knowing you need to have something to contribute might help you produce despite being swamped. Writers have different views on workshops, but I tend to find them inspiring. Anyway, good luck!

  2. I don't know how practical an English degree is, I guess I will find out when I am done but I am hearing negitive things lately. I think many english majors end up as teachers when their writing careers don't move. I agree about being loathe to lose a summer, it is a mistake I will not be making again! I have attended a workshop and found it helpful as far as making me take myself seriously as a writer goes. Thanks for your comment and good luck to you!