I have switched schools, and majors. This is exciting for me for many reasons, the least of which being the fact that I have eight glorious weeks off. During my eight weeks I plan to write, write, and write! Without regard to perfection, and even if my muse is lazy. Real writers write regardless of how they feel. I am so happy to be able to do this. I still have a lot on my plate with the kids but I will use this time wisely because it really is a gift. At the end of the eight weeks I am finishing my last bit of school up for my AA. Then starting on my BA in Psychology. I decided to switch because a degree in English, or a liberal arts degree is a very limited degree. I will have all the knowledge with a  Psychology degree that I would have with an English or Liberal Arts degree, yet I will be able to get a job with out any additional certification, whereas  if I stayed on my original path I would have had to get additional certification before searching for employment anywhere. I think I will enjoy studying how the mind works, and human nature, I think it will give me a greater ability at character development and I am looking forward to the classes I will take. But for now I am taking the next eight weeks to wholeheartedly pursue my original dream of being an author, before life gets so busy with school again that it goes to the back burner.    

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