It seems that viewing faces of gay people is inappropriate according to Bing.

I was doing research for an article today and was surprised that I could not search the term "Male Gay Celebrities" with moderate search on. Not one single webpage was okay to view according to Bing. So I went to Google with the same settings and got several resources to do my article about men who are out of the closet in Hollywood. These sources were not racy, just news/gossip type sites. Not exactly what I would want my kids browsing on because of the gossip element, but there was no nudity or suggestive language.

So why does Bing think that just looking a gay man is inappropriate? I have had a long hate relationship with Bing from attempting to do research for papers in the past, their results are rarely relevant to any topic I am searching. I typically use it if I am on a computer that already has it as default, to search for Google and go from there.

Here is an image that may be too racy for Bing's standards.


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